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    Papers in preparation
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  • Interactions of HOECHST 33258 with thymidylate synthase mRNA Divta Garg, Alexander Beribisky, Allessio Ligabue, Gaetano Marverti, Michael Sattler, Rebecca Wade
  • Comparison of electrostatic properties of thymidylate synthases. Divita Garg, Rebecca Wade. Status: in preparation
  • NMR study of a TS RNA complex. Divita Garg, Michael Sattler, Rebecca Wade. Status: in preparation
  • tethering paper
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  • 5. Patent number: US Pat Appl US12/285,901 (PCT/EP/2009/062815) to Naxospharma srl, filed in US 16/10/2008 , “Method and intermediates for preparing 2-alkoxy and 2-aryloxy estrogen compounds” The subject of the present invention is a method for preparing 2-alkoxy and 2-aryloxyestrogen compounds, and the intermediate compounds prepared during the use of this method, which intermediate compounds have therapeutic utility and are useful intermediates in the synthesis of other physiologically active compounds. In particular, the description relates to 2-methoxyestradiol, an antitumour agent currently in advanced clinical trial for the treatment of, inter alia, ovarian cancer. The new method was devised for preparing the compound to be used as a reference in biological tests.
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  • LIGands to interfere with Human TS - LIGHTS is a STREP project within the 6FP. Lights is focused on ovarian cancer and carried out by a consortium of six partners:
    University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (I) - University di Paris Sud (FR) - European Media Laboratories (D) Molecular Discovery (UK) - Naxospharma (I) - University of California San Francisco (UCSF)

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